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Image Source : Dungeon Generator by Jamis Buck

Whats "Dungeoneer"?

Dungeoneer is fantasy Role Playing Game. It extends the Fighting Fantasy game book system into a fully established fully featured role playing game. The game rules were published in a paperback book called "Dungeoneer". As well as the original rule book a number of supporting books were also published such as "Out of the Pit", which detailed hundreds of the monsters the Role players could encounter.

What's this Web Site all about?

As a fan of the Dungeoneer system who plays it on a regular basis I wanted to publish all of the work and efforts I put into the game, that otherwise would be placed in a cardboard box and lost. So this web site is a place where I will publish all Scenarios and Campaign information that I as a Director ( referee / DM / GM ) create for my own games.

Coming Soon

  • Scenario 5.

Recent Additions

  • What happened when we played Scenario 4. (16/11/06)
  • Fint's Demise, on the Characters page (12/11/06).

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