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If you want some blank character sheets try here.

Below is a list of the characters (PC's) used in our ongoing campaign that have sadly departed for various reasons, illness, old age, dragons ect.


Fint (Played by Damaris)

Image Source : Patrick Crusiau Heroic Fint died in the line of duty. In a room full of rampaging skeletons and a powerful Evil wizard. Armed only with weapons that couldn't harm the bone warriors he was overwelmed. Already weakened from earlier fighting it proved just too much.

In honour and homage to thier deceased comrade, the other Dungeoneers immediately stripped his corpse of goodies and left him for the giant slugs to eat.

Name : Fint
Age : 18
Sex : Male
LUCK : 9
Special Skills
Sword : 4
Bow : 2
Sneak : 2
Trap Knowledge : 2
Lock Picking : 1
Climb : 1


Anker (Played by Laura)

Image Source : Patrick CrusiauThe brave and truculent Anker was a warrior Dwarf who favoured the Axe as a weapon and made Thwakkin monsters with the axe his hobby.

After many various battles Anker passed away in a fitting and nobel manner. The party of adventures had been travelling to the city of Blacksand with a message scroll, when they were set upon by a large dragon. Anker was the first to attack and stand his ground while other members of the party made off. The battle between Dragon and Dwarf was neither long nor particularly exciting. In a flurry of attacks the stout Dwarf was rendered to a bloody paste which the Dragon spent some time consuming. It was during this Draconian feast that the rest of the party made good their escape.

Name : Anker
Age : 109
Sex : Male
SKILL : 10
LUCK : 7
Special Skills
Axe : 4
Throwing Dagger : 1
Underground Lore : 3
Sneak : 1
Dodge : 2


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